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Get Clear, Focused and Back in Control
to Achieve Your Personal and Professional Goals

Do any of these describe you or your business?
  • Do you feel scattered?
  • Is your business stuck?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Are you confused about your next step?
  • Do you feel your business is running you?
  • Has your business stalled or plateaued?
  • Are you frustrated by how little you get done everyday?
  • Do you struggle with the Shiny Object Syndrome?

Shiny pennies

Any of the above could result in the Shiny Object Syndrome.

The Shiny Object Syndrome has many names: bright and shiny syndrome, bright penny syndrome, squirrel, or just plain scattered. Mainly, it's a condition in which you're distracted from working towards an objective by something new and different.

This syndrome is a signal that there's something amiss with your vision or plan, and you're going off course personally or professionally. Many times you get lured off course with a shiny object because you've gotten bored, stuck, dissatisfied or hit a snag.

There are so many opportunities, ideas and temptations to divert you from your goal. You get lost in the woods of choices and overwhelm and can't see the forest for the trees.

I guide you to master your mindset and manage your priorities, so you manifest greater freedom, well being and prosperity.

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I'm Linda-Ann Stewart

With over thirty years of experience as a vision empowerment strategist, hypnotherapist and speaker, I've helped hundreds of people like you gain clarity and develop focus to achieve their goals and vision.
And I want to help you!

I bring my insights and what I've learned about goal achievement to empower you to break through old, unproductive patterns in your life and business. Using time-tested techniques, I train you to be more effective, efficient and productive.

We work together to
overcome your shiny object syndrome, map out your direction, chart your course, and create workable strategies to bring your vision into reality.

Once you have a clear plan, you take deliberate action and move forward to get the results you deserve. You align your heart with your vision so you're more in control, intentional and can live your purpose.

Are you ready for a breakthrough, to get on course and accelerate to the next level of your business?

  • Attain clarity on what you want, so you know your direction to success.
  • Get focused, so you take actions that bring you results.
  • Overcome old, limiting beliefs and free yourself to thrive.
  • Create a vision you can believe in.
  • Streamline your business so that it works for you.
  • Establish more order and ease for your workday.
  • Use success principles to improve your business and your life.
  • Develop a strategic plan that is easy to follow. 
  • Design tactics that automatically keep you on course to your dreams.

  • 1st Step

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    2nd Step

    In our consultation, we'll discuss your business. You'll  gain clarity about your dreams and what's been holding you back. We'll discuss this by phone or on Zoom.,

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    3rd Step

    We'll decide if working together is right for you, and what program would be appropriate.

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    Set Your Course to Success

    4 Steps to Strategically Achieve Your Goals with Confidence and Ease

    Training Video and Action Planning Guide Bundle

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    Increase your impact, productivity, effectiveness and success with Set Your Course to Success Training Video and Action Planning Guide Bundle. With these tools, you'll execute vital steps to achieve your personal and professional goals with intention, confidence and ease.

    You'll learn how to create a powerful action plan, and discover proven strategies on how to focus so you stay on your course. The 17 minute video walks you through the steps to fill out the Action Planning Guide, as well as giving you instructions and tips to maximize your success.

    Set Your Course Training Video
    Set Your Course Action Planning Guide

    Monthly Coaching Tip Video

    Defuse the Shiny Object Syndrome

    The Shiny Object Syndrome, which is when you chase after new ideas and opportunities, and never finish anything, can ruin your chances of success.You get distracted, which means you don't achieve your goals. Learn how to respond more effectively and gain clarity when you're tempted to detour from your plans.

    For more Monthly Coaching Tips, visit my blog Empowering Your Mind or my YouTube Channel.

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    Linda-Ann and I had an amazing call.  She really listened to what I was saying and feeling before she made any recommendations. She encouraged me to think deeply about what is working for my company and then made some wonderful suggestions I hadn't thought of before, to help my company grow. I have already started implementing some of the techniques she recommended and I am researching how to implement others' suggestions.  I highly recommend working with Linda Ann if you have the opportunity.

    Jess Arce

    Linda-Ann Stewart is a wonderful coach on both a business and a personal level. She has such a positive way of guiding you and helping you find the path to achieving your vision. I would highly recommend her service!

    Watchdog Pet Care
    Kay Camp
    Watchdog Pet Care

    Linda-Ann is a caring individual who does not have your answers...she leads YOU to "find your answers." She has the talent for hearing the underlying important issues and questions you through the process of seeing a solution. I recommend using Linda Ann in helping you find your solutions to life's hurdles.

    Beth M.

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