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Program Your Life and Business For Success

Get clear, focused and back in control

to fast track and achieve your goals

Empowered Mindset

Your mindset is more than having a positive attitude. It's an accumulation of your beliefs and attitudes, both positive and negative, about yourself and your world. Your mindset must be in alignment with your vision for you to be be successful.

When you believe in yourself and your success, you're unstoppable.

Clear path

Strategic Vision

A clear vision of your destination becomes your guiding lite, beckoning you on. It frames your decisions,  plan, strategies and tactics. They give you the actions to take to achieve your vision and better results.

When you are clear on both your vision and plan, the stars are within your reach.

Stars within stars

Consistent Focus

Focus allows you to stay on course when the everyday situations of life try to sidetrack you. By establishing your priorities and sticking to them, you follow your plan and accelerate your progress to your vision. This puts you in control and programs you for success.

When you're focused, you soar.

Soaring bird

Gain an Empowered Mindset and Consistent Focus to Achieve Your Vision of Success

  • Attain clarity on what you want, so you know your direction to success.
  • Overcome old, limiting beliefs and free yourself to thrive.
  • Streamline your business so that it works for you.
  • Establish more order and ease for your workday.
  • Get focused, so you take actions that bring you results.
  • Learn success principles to improve your business and your life.
  • Develop a strategic plan that keeps you on course to your dreams.

Linda-Ann Stewart speaking
I'm Linda-Ann Stewart

With over thirty years of experience as a hypnotherapist and vision strategist coach, I've helped hundreds of people like you gain clarity and develop strategies to achieve their goals and visions.
And I want to help you!

We can work together to
map out your direction, chart your course, and create workable strategies to bring your vision into reality.

Once you have a clear plan, you take deliberate action and move forward intentionally to get the results you deserve. You'll be in control of your business development and your life.

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Focus on Your Business
Complimentary Coaching Session

Each week, I have a couple of openings for 30-minute complimentary Focus on Your Business coaching sessions. This isn't a coaching consultation, but a discussion of your business.

There's no selling or obligation associated with these calls. However, I don't accept everyone for this session. You have to apply and I accept only those I feel I can help and who are ready to proceed.

"Linda-Ann and I had an amazing call.  She really listened to what I was saying and feeling before she made any recommendations. She encouraged me to think deeply about what is working for my company and then made some  wonderful suggestions I hadn't thought of before, to help my company grow. I have already started implementing some of the techniques she recommended and I am researching how to implement others' suggestions. Best of all, I didn't feel pressured to buy anything from Linda-Ann,. Actually, my reaction was the opposite, I can't wait until she launches her next  workshop! I highly recommend working with Linda Ann if you have the opportunity."

Jess Arce of Lexia Learners

Jess Arce


To apply for your complimentary Focus on Your Business session, click on one of the buttons below.

1st Step

Apply for your complimentary Focus on Your Business session by clicking on the button below.  A popup form will appear for you to  input your information. After you confirm your email address, I'll send you an email, asking you to answer a few questions to see if I think I can help you. Not everyone is ready for this session, but your application will be considered.

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2nd Step

Answer the questions and respond to the email. If I feel you're at a place where I think you'd benefit from my help,  we'll schedule your 30-minute complimentary Focus on Your Business session. If I don't think you're ready, I'll let you know and recommend some other resources for you.

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3rd Step

In your complimentary Focus on Your Business session, we'll connect by phone or on Zoom. During it, we'll discuss what's going on, and you'll gain some clarity about strategies to move forward.

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FREE Set Your Course: 90 Day Strategic Vision Guide

Set Your Course: 90 Day Strategic Vision can help you program your vision for success. It's a simple worksheet that guides you to determine where you want to go and how you're going to get there. And it gives you important tools to keep you on track.

Set Your Course: 90 Day Strategic Vision is a one page guide  that becomes your plan for the next 90 days. It includes a training video and instructions on how to use it, with tips for you to be more successful with your 90 Day Vision. 

Set Your Course Worksheet

Coaching Call

Strategic Vision Coaching

Are you ready for a breakthrough, to get on course and accelerate to the next level of your business? When you work with me as your mentor, you'll program your business for success mentally and practically. You'll develop strategies that allow you to achieve success on your terms.

To learn more, click the button.

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Linda-Ann Stewart speaking virtually

Virtual Speaking

I speak on the topics of mindset, vision and focus. My mission is to give help and tips so that your group can achieve their goals more effectively and be more successful in all areas of their lives.

For more information, click on the button.

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Monthly Coaching Tip Video

Guided Meditation to Encourage Positive Actions

Have you ever been caught between two decisions? It may be one in which that you habitually take the easy path, and that undermines your well being. What if you could, in the moment, receive encouragement to choose the more difficult road? This guided meditation will help you encourage and support yourself to take the actions that lead you towards your goals.

For more Monthly Coaching Tips, visit my blog Empowering Your Mind or my YouTube Channel.

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Linda-Ann Stewart is a wonderful coach on both a business and a personal level. She has such a positive way of guiding you and helping you find the path to achieving your vision. I would highly recommend her service!

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Linda-Ann is a caring individual who does not have your answers...she leads YOU to "find your answers." She has the talent for hearing the underlying important issues and questions you through the process of seeing a solution. I recommend using Linda Ann in helping you find your solutions to life's hurdles.

Beth M.

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